These are pieces created in processing by me to explore the ins and outs of generative art and the processing language. Clicking on one of the projects will bring down a list of links within that subject for you to explore. The source code to all pieces is available by clicking on the appropriate links.

If nothing appears to happen in a sketch, try clicking or moving the mouse within the sketch window as the piece may be interactive. If no window appears at all, either nothing is outputted to screen (These pieces have been created only to explore language syntax or algorithms) or the sketch cannot be viewed live on the internet (Mainly the video library within processing). If this is the case, please feel free to explore the source code and read my comments for details on what the sketch does.

My Projects

+ Shifting Rectangles

These sketches were created by me from an original idea. Once the initial idea had been created I was able to edit the code to create variant pieces based on the first piece.

Go to shifting_Points Go to shifting_Points2 Go to shifting_Points4 Go to shifting_PointsBW Go to shifting_PointsBW2 Go to shifting_PointsSin Go to shifting_PointsSin2 Go to shifting_PointsSinBG Go to shifting_Rects Go to shifting_ellipse

+ Glowing Points - Work in Progress


+ Dan Shiffman : Learning Processing

These Processing sketches were created whilst reading Learning Processing by Dan Shiffman. Sketches titles starting with exa denote examples in the book, often with small changes of my own to aid exploration of the language. Sketch titles starting with exe denote exercises in the book that were solved by me.

Go to exa5_4 Go to exa5_5 Go to exa5_6 Go to exa5_7 Go to exa5_8 Go to exa5_9 Go to exa6_3 Go to exa6_8 Go to exa7_3 Go to exa7_4 Go to exa9_8 Go to exa9_9 Go to exa9_10 Go to exa9_12 Go to exa10_1 Go to exa10_2 Go to exa10_4 Go to exa10_6 Go to exa10_10 Go to exa13_1 Go to exa13_2 Go to exa13_3 Go to exa13_4 Go to exa13_6 Go to exa13_7 Go to exa13_8 Go to exa13_9 Go to exa14_2 Go to exa14_3 Go to exa14_4 Go to exa14_5 Go to exa14_7 Go to exa14_9 Go to exa14_10 Go to exa14_11 Go to exa14_14 Go to exa14_15 Go to exa14_16 Go to exa14_17 Go to exa14_18 Go to exa15_5 Go to exa15_6 Go to exa15_7 Go to exa15_8 Go to exa15_9 Go to exa15_10 Go to exa15_14 Go to exa16_2 Go to exa16_3 Go to exa16_6 Go to exa16_7 Go to exa16_8 Go to exa16_9 Go to exa16_10 Go to exa17_1 Go to exa17_2 Go to exa17_3 Go to exa17_4 Go to exa17_5 Go to exe6_3_1 Go to exe6_3_2 Go to exe6_3_3 Go to exe6_3_4 Go to exe6_5 Go to exe6_8 Go to exe8_3 Go to exe8_5 Go to exe9_10 Go to exe13_2 Go to exe13_3 Go to exe13_5 Go to exe13_6 Go to exe13_9 Go to exe14_1 Go to exe14_3 Go to exe14_6 Go to exe15_2 Go to exe15_6a Go to exe15_6b Go to exe15_7 Go to exe15_9 Go to exe16_2 Go to exe17_1 Go to exe17_2 Go to exe17_3 Go to exe17_4 Go to exe17_5 Go to exe17_7 Go to exe17_9

+ Ira Greenberg : Processing

+ Casey Reas and Ben Fry : Processing Handbook


+ Videos

Light For Sound's Sake Exhibition from Timothy Bryan on Vimeo.

An exhibition I participated in with a composer - Josh Angel, funded by New Generation Arts. The idea was to amalgamate the visual and audible to create something tangible that you can experience. This ended up using Processing to interpret the audio that we'd composed. The data was then translated to Arduino to light up RGB LEDs to create different colours. This was one loop of the piece from beginning to end to show what it looked like. Filmed with my HV20 :) The audio is out of sync... may put a synced one up when I have time. I'll get the code up if anybody is interested sometime soon.

Beat Based Light from Timothy Bryan on Vimeo.

Just playing with simple beat detection in processing using the Minim Library. I synced the music up with it later and used a line in with Josh playing drums whilst he listened to the track.

Music: Numb by Portishead.